Preparing for Your Child’s First Visit


The first visit to the dentist can be exciting, but also somewhat intimidating for children and their parents.

A unique aspect of our practice is our desire to include parents in their children’s dental experience.


We have taken care of children for more than 30 years, so we have a few suggestions for you.  Remember to be positive and let your child know that a visit to the dentist is a normal, exciting part of growing up.


If you have dental fears, let us do the talking! Children are very observant of our body language and emotions and can pick up on their parents’ negative or anxious feelings.  So if you aren’t a confident dental patient yourself, it is better to let us explain the more specific details to your child.  You can simply explain that we are going to brush, count and take pictures of their teeth.


Another great idea is to read a children’s book about visiting the dentist with your child.  This can really help with curious children!


The First Visit


We encourage all parents to come back with your child on the first visit so you can meet us and experience the level of care we provide for your child.  We hope this will make you feel comfortable and well-informed about our office and practices. Some children are braver without their parents around, and if this is the case, we have a window adjacent to all the treatment areas where you can observe us working with your child.

During the first visit, we let each child pick a new toothbrush and we review proper brushing and flossing.  Dr. Scott, Meg or Jason will then “count” the teeth and perform a thorough examination.  We will “take pictures” of the teeth (x-rays) only if needed.  At the end of the first visit, Dr. Scott, Meg, or Jason will discuss any findings with you and explain any necessary treatment. It is very important to us that your concerns are addressed, so every parent will have the chance to speak with our dentists and ask questions in a private consultation room.



We look forward to seeing you! Schedule a visit today.

We’re proud of what our families have said!


We have loved everyone at Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews from the 1st day. My little 3 year old walked right in there and had the best time. They made it a wonderful experience for her and she loved it. Me too!! Every child should LOVE going to the dentist. Keep up with the great work.”  – Kim W.


Cristle and I are relocating the kids back to our home town of New Bern, NC.  One of the things that we will

miss about Charlotte is Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews.

You guys are the best and I love the way you have

cared for my children.”  – The Gaskins Family


Emily said thank you very much for her card. Ya’ll are

the BEST!!!! Have a Blessed day!! See y’all soon.”

– The Morris Family

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