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Preventative Oral Hygiene Instructions:

Preventative care at home can help prevent cavities and maintain a healthy smile!  Oral hygiene instruction includes teaching proper brushing and flossing technique.  Prevention also includes daily healthy eating habits, use of ideal fluoride levels and the use of pit and fissure sealants. We strive to provide a fun, educational environment where children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene.


Restorative Dentistry:

This includes children’s fillings, crowns and prosthesis, including treatment of nursing bottle decay. Our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentists are committed to educating you on treatment options and allowing you to make informed decisions.  We want to partner with you in achieving the goal of your child’s healthy, beautiful, cavity-free smile.


Emergency Treatment:

Our goal is to prevent dental emergencies, but we understand that the need for urgent dental care

is sometimes necessary and can be a stressful experience for both parents and children. We strive to handle dental emergencies promptly and with compassion.

Accidents Happen.


Whether an accident happens during our normal business hours or not, know that you can call us and have your child treated promptly.


Call our office.


If it is after hours or on the weekend, one of our doctors or a team member will get back to you promptly.



The staff and pediatric dentists at Pediatric Dentistry Home can instruct you on proper brushing techniques. It is important to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they erupt or come into the mouth.  This is the first time that cavity-causing bacteria can be detected.  We will educate you about the amount of toothpaste to use for your child, as this can vary depending on age and decay propensity.


Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times a day (after breakfast and before bed) for 2 minutes each time.  The most important time to brush is at night before bedtime because salivary flow, and its buffering effect, is diminished during sleep.




For areas between the teeth that a toothbrush can't reach, dental floss is used to remove food particles and plaque.  Dental floss is

a thin thread of waxed nylon that can be used by stretching between your fingers or by using a pre-fabricated floss holder.


Our staff will let you know the correct time to begin flossing your child’s teeth.  Floss before bedtime each night to make sure teeth are squeaky clean!



We’re proud of what our families have said!


We have loved everyone at Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews from the 1st day. My little 3 year old walked right in there and had the best time. They made it a wonderful experience for her and she loved it. Me too!! Every child should LOVE going to the dentist. Keep up with the great work.”  – Kim W.


Cristle and I are relocating the kids back to our home town of New Bern, NC.  One of the things that we will

miss about Charlotte is Pediatric Dentistry of Matthews.

You guys are the best and I love the way you have

cared for my children.”  – The Gaskins Family


Emily said thank you very much for her card. Ya’ll are

the BEST!!!! Have a Blessed day!! See y’all soon.”

– The Morris Family

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